Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Trivia 11

The name is more expensive than the product – this may be true for Apple, but no one can honestly say that about Commodore today anymore – The company has experienced more than 3 reputation-harming changes of ownership.

Fun Trivia 10

Chuck Norris – he codes a Core2Quad in VHDL and burns it onto a CD. Some say he managed to put it on tape... Of course, this tape was coated with his own skin, to make it able to withstand lightspeed reading.

Fun Trivia 9

Relaxes your hands... …if you've overdone trying to fix a computer once again: 800g of fine starch mixed with 500ml water.

Fun Trivia 8

Model sticker on SC Compucolor II case - "The attractive cabinet of this computer is made of molded plastic polymers to provide the ultimate in sculptured beauty." 

Fun Trivia 7

Nolan Bushnell - "The things I'm gonna come up with in the next 2 or 3 years are just gonna knock your socks off." 

Fun Trivia 6

A consumer... …goes to a store in the GDR and wants to buy a computer. The owner tells him, „We have no soldering irons here... You will find no computers in the store down the street.“

Fun Trivia 5

Apple – it's hard to believe, but this company is the only company producing non-IBM compatible complete computers that is on the market since 1976.