Monday, August 30, 2010

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Hello to all readers! We are a bunch of young "nerds", that are interested in old consumer electronics (computers, consoles, etc.). Our names are Yannick, iskra, and Stefan, thasti. Collecting and tinkering with old consumer electronics is our hobby. Being children of the 90s, we have not truly experienced the hardware that interests us and that is being treated here. We will be giving you an unbiased view of computer, console and any other interesting consumer electronics history in various forms. So keep your eyes peeled for updates and do not hesitate to write us with questions and suggestions!

Why are we so fascinated about old electronic junk, you ask? At first, there is the aspect of collecting: it is, in our opinion, one of the most thrilling and at the same time one of the most accessible (collecting) hobbies... Places to look for stuff are endless, price spans nearly always go from a few euros to a few hundred euros and the things you collect can not only be used for display, but also have a function and used to be the high end of technology for a task that is nowadays often considered basic or obsolete. To own these objects and gadgets, to restore them, to see them come alive once again and to actually use them in the way they were meant to be used is often a lot of fun.

Not only is this fun, but it also helps putting consumer electronics in perspective: What has, for example, changed in the world of cellphones since the specific old model that I am holding in my hands? Which new features have really improved the useability, which ones bother us, which ones are unnecessary? And what have mistakes or even triumphs made in the past taught today's designers?

As said before, the sources for getting an object such as the aforementioned cellphone vary greatly. Have I gotten it for free from a relative? Have I fetched it off the junkyard? Did I buy it for several hundreds of euros on eBay? The sad thing is, that all three possibilities can occur with the same object: Loved by some, not even recognized at all and thrown away by others.

The thoughts about such an object can go even further: Why was it necessary for the former owner to replace the device? Why do we throw working electronics away instead of donating them to people who cannot afford new electronics? Is it an indication of status to throw away instead of making an effort to give away? Finally, is it a necessity for today's capitalist market, in an economical and in an environmental sense, that new products replace old ones with an exponentially growing speed?

This is just an insight on the vast areas of our - to some rather dull seeming - hobby. While we probably will not present answers to all of the above asked questions, we will share some personal experience and opinions with you. Be prepared for interesting and informative little write-ups of things that we have recognized while practicing our hobby. Maybe they will help teach you to respect the "heritage" of todays devices, recognize how difficult nowadays basic gadgets were to produce and/or help you look for a place to start when thinking about a "from scratch" attempt at developing new gadgets...

Posts will be classified in a number of main categories: These include quick device overviews, aiming to treat all devices on our personal collectibles list; posts about personal experiences; device reviews , and some tutorials. Once again, feel free to inform me about anything that bothers you here or that you think should be added.

Now have fun reading!

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