Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Trivia 11

The name is more expensive than the product – this may be true for Apple, but no one can honestly say that about Commodore today anymore – The company has experienced more than 3 reputation-harming changes of ownership.

Fun Trivia 10

Chuck Norris – he codes a Core2Quad in VHDL and burns it onto a CD. Some say he managed to put it on tape... Of course, this tape was coated with his own skin, to make it able to withstand lightspeed reading.

Fun Trivia 9

Relaxes your hands... …if you've overdone trying to fix a computer once again: 800g of fine starch mixed with 500ml water.

Fun Trivia 8

Model sticker on SC Compucolor II case - "The attractive cabinet of this computer is made of molded plastic polymers to provide the ultimate in sculptured beauty." 

Fun Trivia 7

Nolan Bushnell - "The things I'm gonna come up with in the next 2 or 3 years are just gonna knock your socks off." 

Fun Trivia 6

A consumer... …goes to a store in the GDR and wants to buy a computer. The owner tells him, „We have no soldering irons here... You will find no computers in the store down the street.“

Fun Trivia 5

Apple – it's hard to believe, but this company is the only company producing non-IBM compatible complete computers that is on the market since 1976.

Fun Trivia 4

Atari and Commodore – Between these brands, employees went back and forth: Jay Miner, former head developer in the Atari 8-Bit line, went to Amiga, which was later included into Commodore. Shivaz Shivji, inventor of the Commodore 64, went to Atari to develop the ST line. Jack Tramiel bought Atari after he was fired from Commodore to „show them how it's done“. Nolan Bushnell himself was supposedly part of a promotion team for the Commodore gaming consoles – here we had the founder of the competitor Atari, promoting the products of a company, whos founder had only just overtaken exactly this competitor.

Fun Trivia 3

The Home Computer market – A lot of brands tried to establish themselves there. You were able to find some brands that were also known for other non-computer products: Epson, HP, Casio, Texas Instruments, Mitsubishi, Yamaha. In the console market, you could find Milton Bradley (MB), Bandai and Mattel.

Fun Trivia 2

1984 – The Apple Macintosh is the beginning of the graphical user interface (GUI) revolution. This technology already existed 10 years earlier, though – on the Xerox PARC Alto. This machine was never commercially sold, though.

Fun Trivia 1

Microsoft – often mentioned as the opposite of past operating system stability (C64, etc.). The BASIC on those computer was from just this company, though